Many times on Silverlight you need to store data on client machine. Some examples would be: undo/redo functionality for your application, games user data, demos/presentations to clients of your application, store data locally while user navigate on your application and only at the end you want to commit changes on server side storage and examples can continue.

Also if you use Silverlight Out-Of-Browser application you almost need mandatory a client – side database.

Today are not too many efficient alternatives to store data on client side and easy query it to retrieve back. Siaqodb propose to make life easier for developers and with just a reference to siaqodbSilver.dll which has only 87 KB as size you can save objects to client machine with one line of code:


Now to retrieve objects back just use LINQ:

var query=from Person p in siaqodb
where p.Age >20
select p;

About performance we know is fastest database engine on Silverlight at this moment on the market. Please feel free to add any benchmark result/comparison as comment on this post.

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