We are glad to announce that we successfully port Siaqodb to Unity3D game platform so now our database engine can be used as local database for Unity3D games on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

Features of Siaqodb for Unity3D:

  • it is fully managed, written completely in C#
  • only one assembly, no 3th party dependencies
  • only two Mono dependencies: System.dll and System.Core.dll
  • small footprint(siaqodb.dll has 240KB)
  • it has very very simple API, LINQ is only query engine (not need to know SQL or other query language)
  • persist your game data with one line of code:
localDB.StoreObject(new Player(){Name="Player1",Score=100}); 
  • and retrieve back using LINQ:
  • var query = from Player p in localDB
                     where p.Name == "playerName" && p.Score>100
                     select p;
  • your data is stored/retrieved in same way on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, no code change for specific platform
  • zero config
  • not need Unity3D Pro edition, it works with all Unity3D versions and platforms
  • and many more…

Download Siaqodb for Unity3D now and start using it in your games!
Inside package you will find also a complete demo how Siaqodb may be used for all type of games: PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

And yeah, since we just released we want to offer 20% discount for first 10 purchases, just put “siaqodbUnity3D” as coupon code and discount will be applied, so hurry up!