We just released first version of Siaqodb ready for production.

As release notes:

-automatic object schema refactoring:

For example you design a class and at a certain point you want to add/change/remove members of that class, but you already had saved in DB objects with old Type definition. Now siaqodb support automatic change of objects stored in DB with new Type definition for following actions:

1. Add a new Field

2. Remove a Field

3. Change Type of a field( only if Types of fields are compatible- > from int to long, etc( for Types that .NET support automatic CAST)

4.Resize String field to a larger number of characters

-Import/Export from/to XML:

For example using Siaqodb on Silverlight platform is useful that developer is able to send objects stored in Siaqodb to a WebService or so, in this case Siaqodb support Export to XML also if you need to have for example a start-up objects available for your application, you can store an XML to XAP file then import from that XML objects into Siqodb database on client machine

-fileName length problem. On Silverlight platform IsolatedStorage is stored in certain location on client machine and an Example of physical location is:

“c:\Documents and Settings\myuser\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Silverlight\is\zd1e0olz.ts0\ce0pu5s2.ofq\1\g\010zhafrkahrilxg0lfc0z1e1solib2iwi3oniatwot2octqroaaabea\ “

Since on most of Windows OS a MAX path length is 260 characters, sometimes because of long names of folders Silverlight create and because Siaqodb had long names for its files it can be problems. So Siaqodb solve this problem by having a file path length of maximum 11 characters.

-Other bug fixed(like DateTime on Silverlight accepted values are now dates that has Year>1601) and others

-Performance improvements for LINQ queries

-And yeah, now is commercial available, buy it

Or download Trial from here

We published also a Silverlight Demo