We just released Siaqodb 3.5 which includes Siaqodb for WinRT and also Siaqodb for WindowsPhone 8.

The most exciting is the release for WinRT, see our previous post for more info. In the current version we added indexes and all other features of version 3.5, so Siaqodb has now a fully async API. We are also happy that the approach we took with async API and “async LINQ” queries is the same with the approach Microsoft took with EntityFramework 6.0, so .ToListAsync(), .CountAsync(),.FirstAsync() etc.

Also important release is the Siaqodb for WindowsPhone 8 release, the SDK for WindowsPhone 8 has some important changes, for example one that affected Siaqodb and did not compiled was the fact that now TypeInfo is a type in System.Reflection and we had same type defined inside Siaqodb so it was a namespace conflict, luckily it was not public, so we could refactor easy. Having Windows 8 kernel, WindowsPhone 8 SDK brings all async stuff, so it opens door to bring our async version also to WindowsPhone 8, stay tuned.

As new features in this version most important is the new Index storage, now all indexes resides in a BTree structured files and not in a AVLTree anymore. With this change performance is much better in most of the cases and we also expect much more stability.

We bring also a new utility class: SiaqodbUtil through you can now Shrink your database files and also Repair persisted object if they got corrupted, see the documentation how to use it.

Download it now and enjoy new features!