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Siaqodb 2.0 released

We are excited to announce that Siaqodb 2.0 was released today. The main features added are:

POCO support- now a storable class is not mandatory anymore to implement ISqoDataObject or to inherit from SqoDataObject
Indexes support added – now you can index by a property/field so queries are much faster if index is involved.
Attributes like Index, UniqueConstraint, […]

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siaqodb performance

Anytime when a user looks for a new solution (especially for a database) first time is curious about performance. We will try to provide a quick overview about performance of siaqodb on  .NET platform.
Let’s define first a Class to manipulate it:

public class Employee : ISqoDataObject
public string FirstName { get; set; }
public string LastName { get; […]

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siaqodb and ASP.NET 4.0

We just released Siaqodb 1.1 and the big change is that a Type of which objects are storable not need anymore(mandatory) to inherit from base class SqoDataObject, it only need to implement ISqoDataObject interface. Also as consequence SqoDataObject class has public setter for OID.

What these changes bring beside flexibility of client code?

Well… is known that […]

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Expression.Compile() on WindowsPhone 7

An interesting thing on WindowsPhone 7 platform is that sometimes a LambdaExpression can be compiled and sometimes not; how come? we was confused too and reason is that Reflection.Emit is not supported on WindowsPhone7 and Expression.Compile() sometimes use Reflection.Emit and sometimes not, depends of your expression so sometimes works and sometimes not.
Compile() method of an […]

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Siaqodb on WindowsPhone 7

Example is now build with Siaqodb 2.0 for latest WindowsPhone7 BETA release

A few days ago Microsoft launched Development Platform for WindowsPhone 7. Development can be done on 2 main Frameworks:
-XNA Framework
Main interest for Siaqodb is Silverlight ofcourse and I start reading to see what version of Silverlight and if support LINQ […]

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Should I embed a complete database engine into a Silverlight app?

Many developers ask themselves if it worth to embed a complete database engine on a Silverlight application and this can be normal because developers are used with traditional database where you need drivers (old ODBC drivers) or ADO.NET providers to be installed on machine that app run and as footprint that are quite big if […]

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Siaqodb for Silverlight 4.0

Siaqodb for Silverlight 4.0 is ready and can be downloaded together with examples from here. What is most important for Siaqodb on Silverlight 4.0 : possibility that in OOB (Out of Browser) mode and with ElevatedTrust, database files can be saved directly on client machine in My… folders. In this way, problem about limitation of […]

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Siaqodb launched!

We just released first version of Siaqodb ready for production.

As release notes:

-automatic object schema refactoring:

For example you design a class and at a certain point you want to add/change/remove members of that class, but you already had saved in DB objects with old Type definition. Now siaqodb support automatic change of objects stored in DB […]

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Silverlight client-side database.

Many times on Silverlight you need to store data on client machine. Some examples would be: undo/redo functionality for your application, games user data, demos/presentations to clients of your application, store data locally while user navigate on your application and only at the end you want to commit changes on server side storage and examples […]

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Why another database management system?

Well… there are many reasons that current Object Databases available on the market are not wide-adopted but one of the simple answer is because performance; even almost all vendors of Object Databases is saying the performance is much higher the any Relational Databases is not always like that and I will try to make a […]

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