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Siaqodb 3.1 released

We just released version 3.1 of Siaqodb, as new features we added:
new method: StoreObjectPartially(…) added to Siaqodb class. Through this method you can save only a certain properties of an object and not a full object. This method arise as a feature request after partial object loading and eager loading feature was added, so […]

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Siaqodb v3.0 released

We happy to announce that we just released version 3.0 of Siaqodb.
There are not many extra things since our BETA release so for details of features see previous blog post.

We also released SiaqodbManager 3.0 (which was not in our BETA) that fully support database created with version 3.0, the nested objects or Lists/Arrays of […]

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Siaqodb and nested objects

We are excited to announce Siaqodb 3.0 Beta version ready for download. It is a major version and will be available for all platforms: .NET, Silverlight, WindowsPhone7, Mono, MonoTouch, MonoAndroid and Unity3D. The main feature we introduce in this version (the most requested by developers) is support for nested objects and Lists/Arrays of complex objects, […]

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Siaqodb on Unity3D

We are glad to announce that we successfully port Siaqodb to Unity3D game platform so now our database engine can be used as local database for Unity3D games on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

Features of Siaqodb for Unity3D:

it is fully managed, written […]

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Siaqodb support now IList and Arrays

Today we released Siaqodb v.2.6, as release notes:
Indexes are now persisted in db as AVL tree structured files
Support for variable length of String by using TextAttribute
Support for blobs (array of byte in efficient way)
Support for Array of supported types
Support for IList and IList<T>
new API method: LoadAllLazy<T>() which load all objects in lazy mode, only when […]

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Siaqodb –cross platform database engine

We are very excited to announce today support for 3 extra platforms by our database engine: MonoTouch, MonoDroid and CompactFramework.
Siaqodb on MonoTouch
Since release of first version of Siaqodb we was interested to port on MonoTouch because of high community interests for this platform, but we postpone a bit because of some reasons, mainly because of […]

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SiaqodbManager 2.0 released

Today we released SiaqodbManager 2.0,  before was WindowsForms based app and now we ported completely to WPF, see bellow the release notes:

Objects can be now Edited,Inserted and Deleted by SiaqodbManager without knowing runtime Type
It can open Silverlight, WP7 and Monodroid databases and run LINQ queries on them, so you can open a IsolatedStorage DB like a normal […]

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Siaqodb & Android & SyncFramework

A few days ago Novell make public the Preview of MonoDroid. “MonoDroid is a development stack for using C# and core .NET APIs
to develop Android-based applications.”  To run Siaqodb on MonoDroid is not enough like on Mono to just reference a .NET assembly, it requires like on Silverlight or MonoTouch that you compile your assembly […]

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Siaqodb SyncFramework 4.0 provider

Last week Microsoft announced Sync Framework 4.0 October 2010 CTP that “extends the Sync Framework capabilities of building offline application to any client platform that is capable of caching data.”
For Siaqodb interesting platforms are Silverlight and WP7 and before above announcement, we collaborate closely with Microsoft to build up Siaqodb SyncFramework provider for Silverlight and […]

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Siaqodb 2.5 released

Siaqodb 2.5 was released today, main new features:
Transactions – ACID transactions are now part of Siaqodb, any object can be stored in transactional way.
Encryption – 2 built-in encryption algorithms(AES and XTEA) implemented but also can be used any (custom)encryption algorithm as a plugin.
Siaqodb is now SyncFramework 4.0 ready, on a next post we will explain […]

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