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Siaqodb FREE edition

We just released Siaqodb 4.0.1 which makes Siaqodb available for Universal Windows Apps so you can build apps by referencing same Siaqodb assembly for both WindowsPhone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 platforms.

Besides this we are happy to announce that Siaqodb has now a free edition called “Siaqodb Starter” and also “Siaqodb Bundle” contains now Sync […]

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Siaqodb 4.0 stable

Siaqodb 4.0 stable version released, about features it brings take a look on previous blog posts: here and here.

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Azure Mobile Services and Siaqodb

In our latest BETA we introduced SiaqodbSyncMobile which allows you to work with your data even there is no connection available and synchronize later on when connection is available with a cloud database.


With Azure Mobile Services you can store data in the cloud using Windows Azure SQL database, blob storage, table storage or third […]

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Siaqodb 4.0 is here

We just launched Siaqodb 4.0 as BETA version. This new version brings again some cool features:

Document database features
Portable Class Library(PCL) support and unify assemblies( no more sync/async assemblies, no more trial assemblies)
Nuget packages for all platforms
Azure Mobile Services – synchronization with local Siaqodb database

DocumentDB support…yes Siaqodb has now features from document databases; this feature was […]

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Use async everywhere

We just release Siaqodb version 3.7 which bring fantastic new features, first of all ASYNC support on mostly all platforms:
WinRT, .NET 4.0, .NET 4.5, Silverlight 4.0 and 5.0, WindowsPhone 7.1 and 8.0, Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android and at the same time we provide same API on all platforms, even WinRT version now has SYNC and ASYNC […]

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Siaqodb 3.6 released

We just released a new version which brings the most requested feature in last period: OID is not mandatory anymore in a persistent Type.
So instances of following class may be stored by Siaqodb:

public class Person
public DateTime BirthDate { get; set; }

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Siaqodb 3.5 released

We just released Siaqodb 3.5 which includes Siaqodb for WinRT and also Siaqodb for WindowsPhone 8.

The most exciting is the release for WinRT, see our previous post for more info. In the current version we added indexes and all other features of version 3.5, so Siaqodb has now a fully async API. We […]

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Siaqodb – local database for Metro style apps

We are very proud to announce that we finally ported Siaqodb to .NET profile for Metro style apps (NETFX_CORE) and fully async API. We have ported previously on several platforms but now it took longer because about 80% of the methods had to be rewritten. Until now we have used in our code preprocessor […]

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SiaqodbManager now on Mac OSX

Because we saw high interest for Siaqodb from Unity3D developers, especially this being reflected in our sales for this platform, we ported
SiaqodbManager now on Mac OSX but also on any OS that support Mono, you can start it from terminal by: mono /User/…/SiaqodbManagerMono.exe

SiaqodbManagerMono.exe is WindowsForms based app so it does not look native Mac OSX […]

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Siaqodb 3.2 released

We just released version 3.2 which brings great new features:

support for Dictionarytypes
add support for unlimited size jagged arrays types
add support unlimited nested Lists ( ex: List<List<int>>)
add support for IList items properties in LINQ Include() method (ex: .Include(“Employees.Nationality”); where Employees is IList)
performance improved on insert with 30% in same cases
new methods for fast insert: siaqodb.StartBulkInsert(…) and […]

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