siaqodb is a NoSQL embedded object and document database engine that currently runs on .NET, WinRT, Mono, Windows Phone, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Silverlight, Unity3D and even on CompactFramework.

Siaqodb client side database may be synchronized with a Cloud/Server side database using Azure Mobile Services or our Sync Framework provider.

Starting with version 3.7 it has ASYNC API on almost all platforms which integrates perfectly with latest frameworks. As query engine it use LINQ and it is first database on the market that provide LINQ query editor in SiaqodbManager application. Features of siaqodb:

  • objects are stored in a special format(not simple serialized), allowing CRUD operations even without instantiate objects – unique feature for .NET object databases
  • DocumentDB feature- a certain object graph may be stored as a Document using a plug-able serializer
  • full LINQ provider that make possible instantiate only required objects and even possible to read properties/fields of objects without instantiate those objects
  • fully async API
  • may store full object graph, Arrays, Lists, Dictionaries, etc
  • partial object loading and eager loading by using Include<T>(…)
  • full POCO support
  • it has a small footprint, no extra dependencies
  • ACID transactions
  • built-in or plug-able encryption support
  • very simple,easy to use – “one-line-code database” and very fast.
  • zero config
  • automatic object schema refactoring
  • thread safe – full support for ASP.NET based apps
  • it is an embedded database engine
  • for more features see our 5 min. tutorial or consult the User Guide


SiaqodbManager is a management tool that is able to manage(insert/update/delete/view) data stored in siaqodb database and also is able to run ad-hoc LINQ queries over stored objects.